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Amy Bearden

Vice Chairman

Susan Murphy

East Cooper

Joyce Eblen

Lisa Simon

Goose Creek

Debbie Singer

Tracy Masters

Moncks Corner

Laura Carter

Jennifer Timmons

N. Charleston

Deborah Millen

Laureen Rupert


Amy King

Jan Placko

West Ashley

Denise Kroninger

Jane Moeller

Home High School

Sue Faust

Jean Griggs





Membership Benefits

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  • The Learning Post, a monthly newsletter providing
    support, guidance, and encouragement
  • Satellite Group meetings, monthly meetings
    of our satellite groups to provide personal support, guidance
    and encouragement
  • Home High School group meetings, which provide
    support for teaching High School
  • Monthly skate night
  • Field Trips
  • Annual Yearbook
  • Yearly LCHEA sponsored events, such as, the
    Used Curriculm Sale, and the Science Fair
  • Lending library of tapes and books
  • Achievement Testing
  • Access to national contests, such as, the
    National Geographic Geography Bee, and
    the National Spelling Bee
  • Classical Education Group



Who is Eligible

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Membership is Open to Persons Who:

  1. Homeschool at least one child
  2. Demonstrate an active, supportive interest
    in homeschooling
  3. Pay the current annual dues
  4. Adhere to the Statement
    of Faith
    , LCHEA By-laws, and Field
    Trip Guidelines
  5. Abide by South Carolina homeschool laws



Field Trip Guidelines

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  1. LCHEA members only can attend LCHEA
    sponsored events. Members may invite their extended family or
    guests who are staying in their homes at the time of the event.
    Invited guests will be on a space available basis as determined
    by the Event Coordinator and/or Satellite Group Coordinator.
    Some events may be coordinated with other non-LCHEA groups, in
    which case non-LCHEA member children and parents from the other
    coordinating group may attend. Some “casual” events,
    such as “Park Day”, may be planned and will not be
    considered a LCHEA-only event since it may be held on public
    property; fees may not be collected; or RSVP’s were not required.
    Non-LCHEA member children may be invited to this “casual”
    event as long as the inviting parent agrees to be responsible
    for their behavior.
  2. Parents and children are expected to be courteous,
    considerate, and cooperative. Parents are responsible for their
    children’s behavior, and must ensure that their children are
    responsive to the leadership, respectful to the leadership and
    maintain their behavior at a level that is above reproach. Parents
    must also demonstrate this exemplary behavior as role models
    for all of the children. For example; we ask parents not visit
    with each other while the host is speaking.
  3. Children and parents must be well groomed
    and appropriatly, modestly dressed. T-Shirts with disrespectful
    or sarcastic messages, for example, cannot be worn.
  4. In the event of questionable activities,
    dress or behavior, the Event Coordinator and/or Satellite Group
    Leader may speak to the parents during or after the event to
    warn them of the inappropriate behavior in order to rectify the
    situation. In the case of a second warning, the Board may have
    the child restricted from future events for an appropriate tome.
    Futher inappropriate behavior may result in action under Article
    V of the by-laws of the Association.



Support Group Information
LCHEA Board | Membership
| Who is Eligible | Field
Trip Guidelines